• was working on my sketchbook
  • I've cut out the sentence and tried to make it different collages with the old family photos and combine them to a textile sample. 
  • Also went to the Tate Modern and see the Picasso Exhibition. and went to the bookstore found Matisse's book about his paper cut arts.
  • the Matisse's paper-cut works

14 April 2018

  • Today was a photo shoot day in Archway. 
  • I was still unsure if I want to document this garment(or wearable fine art sculpture) on body or not
  • I originally signed up for textile sample photoshoots. and I asked advises from a Fine Art Tutor. (She suggested some fine art documentation advises. Such as a lot of fine art pieces require a lot of white spaces(of course). leave some space for the photo of the piece.(for later if the photoshop is required…more space means you can crop the images, however, without enough space. there’s nothing you can do.)
  • I was there five hours early. because If I want to document my piece as a fine art piece, I need a hanger to support the piece. According to my measurement. the half of the size of my piece is at least 65inches. so the total length is 130Inches.  
  • asked for advice from the woodshop technician, They sell 4 meters long of Woodstock with a really acceptable price. and they willing to cut meter by meter. and Helped me to join them together 
  • For the photoshoot, One of the tutors helped to hold my piece to document, since both parties don’t think its possible to document the whole piece at once…
  • As I mentioned before, After I made my final outcome, In my opinion, I realized this garment became a piece which is really personal, (the old family photos, the traditional pattern of my culture and the meaning of languages.) and because this was made in a really special time of me, I made a decision that I will focus on more conceptual elements of this project rather than focus more on regular fashion design? I thought documentation in a body might not be a good idea.
  • however, during the documentation, I asked one of my friend (who is Asian and a model for today, If I can ask her to wear my piece, just want to see, how will it look like if I documented my piece in a body. 
  • To be honest, it was not as bad as I thought? and I asked the tutor to shoot more images of a model wearing my piece on the body.

12 April 2018

  • Asked advises from one of the tutors, how should I documents my final outcome.
  • During the conversation, if I want to document my piece more as a fine art piece, I should do more research on how South Korean historical researchers document their culture costumes. 
  • Sketchbook is messy, too much going on and jumping around, make the different small ideas connected. Need more secondary research images on the sketchbook. Analyse the ideas and sketchbook. 
  • Like the Ideas of using old family images as textile samples and it's not perfectly imprinted on the garment. (made this old garment effect, also connected to the idea of identity fading away. Then people said they can always find primary colors in my work.
  • the English, iron-on-adhesive with gold leaf and metallic thread embroidery. some people tried to read it. but it was hard for them.

10 April 2018

  • Had a conversation with my tutor, (suggestion for documentation, and her opinion of the piece.)
  • I was worry that I made and consider my piece more as fine art rather than pure fashion design. (she was okay with the final outcome, and she thinks its related to the proposed concept, Also the embroidery made this piece more sculpture/modern and add an element that made her look at the detail of my garment more closely.
  • I realized something really unexpected. While I was showing her my statement, she was reading it quietly. I was really uncomfortable that I can hear her reading my statement. Its unexpected contrast between when I was writing it and when someone(audience) reading and hear my statements (which is really personal) from someone else's voice. 


  • I've spent past three days doing research on the pattern of the Wonsam(Korean traditional robe) 
  • It was like impossible to find a pattern of the costume online since nobody wears this traditional ceremonial robe anymore. I have to ask help in Korea. If they can go to the bookstore or an actual Korean traditional costume store ask for help.
  • My help in Korea couldn't find in the bookstore...and the Actual piece is costing way too much and even we buy the garment and used it as a guideline. It will be too late for me (shipping, and other elements).
  • I've also asked for help from my studio teachers and high school classmates in New York. Since there's a unique bookstore in Korean Town in NYC, and I think I saw a book that is about traditional Korean cloth pattern...
  • Lucky, they found the book and took pictures of the pattern I need for me...
  • Since my ability to read Korean is horrible, It was a really hard time for me to find the pattern measurements.
  • I've just spent a lot of time to find the same words from the professional vocabulary page to the measurement page. As long as the vocabulary matches and the number seems to right. 
  • Meanwhile, I've decided to simplify some of the unnecessarily and too complicated parts of the pattern.
  • 20180416_024553.jpg
  • 20180416_024600.jpg20180416_024642.jpg20180416_024650.jpg20180416_024638.jpg20180416_024608.jpg20180416_024648.jpg20180416_024636.jpg

14 March 2018

- After the tutorial, I find out my green-man project is lack of detailed theme, I did try to focus on the time period of the 1950s. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that 1950's is such a big time period with a lot of things (movement, society issue) going on. After tutor and I looked at my sketchbook, I decided to focus on the pattern of the 1950s. (originally from one of my sketchbook with the image of different men's swimsuit...)

- For the personal project, did a bit research on Braille alphabet. (is a tactile writing system used by people who are visually impaired. It is traditionally written with embossed paper. Braille users can read computer screens and other electronic supports thanks to refreshable braille displays.- WIKi)

with respect. (Braille alphabet is a writing system that is not wildly understood by the majority of the group. (it also may add the elements of me that I am not allowed to express publically?)






9 March 2018

- due to the serious pain of my wisdom teeth, I had to see a dentist afternoon... in the end... I need to have a dentist surgery that I have to remove my wisdom teeth out...on the upcoming Friday...

- did more research on the personal project. found a movie (The Imitation Game)

- the main story is how the main character, Turing and his team solve the Nazi's secret by cryptography during the World War II. 

- the most interesting elements for me is that when the main character was young... he and his first love? used cryptography to express their feeling and secrets, which are so personal during that time. which is another way to express. that I might consider using it for the future study and research. 

Live project,

- Did few illustration drawings based on the thread collage sample I made. Tried to highlight the green thread, so I didn't add the color to the rest of the body. 

- look at back to my live sketchbook, it seems like green, yellow, red(orange) are the main color so far. 

- I made some print collages. based on the similar pattern of the swimsuit collage. New Doc 2018-03-13_3.jpg

New Doc 2018-03-13_5.jpg

17 February 2018 - 6 March 2018

- eye infection because I used the wrong less solution, tooth pain,(wisdom teeth)...and painful cold due to the unexpected weather and snow. I feel like I am getting all sick I should get for the whole year to those weeks...

- 6th of March was Monday,

- went to school and had a conversation with the tutor about my personal project proposal.

- since my project is about unique family relationships and how to express the feeling with written elements. ( a bit from my high school thesis statement. however, it was just fine art based. but I really wanted to explore and what will happen if I bring my fine art experience and concept to design based.

- the tutor suggested I should take away my previous fine artworks out from the images research.

- instead, suggested finding some fashion designer into images research area. (I found those designers that are more sculptural and untraditional?

- I spend rest of the day to do my research on fashion designers. 

- I found Thom Brown (one of my favorite brand) 's 2017 men's collections (geometrical) and the overall brand design concept (geometrical)  and the creative director's unique sketchesComme des Garçons's 2012 ready-to-wear collections and the creative concept, (the unique expression of East Asian poetic elements into unique shapes on body) and I saw the Met exhibition in New York. and in the end, Viktor and Rolf. (personally, like their designs. creating conceptual and avant-garde designs

as the tutor suggested. I watched the movie COCO... a Mexican cultured based animation film of (memory loss, family situation, and death) 

- based on the Mexican holiday of the Day of the Dead.

- enjoyed the color contract. it's a really strong contact between the warm orange leaf bridge between the dead world to the live world to the cold blue-ish dead world. (blue to orange)

New Doc 2018-02-05 (1) - Page 1.jpg

one of the collages I made based on my family name in Chinese.

4 March 2018

- Did my research on the Live project... the green man.

- went to Harrods... they really sale a lot... and saw the video of the brief history of Harrods. 

- did some research that the interesting fun fact is that the green men were green women because of the world war I. the men were out for the war. so the Harrods was short on men to play the role. Instead, they have to hire women to replace the job due to the war situation. 

- read an article that Harrods had an interesting period during the 1950s...(couldn't find the article anymore...)

- I did more research on 1950's men's fashion and the more I search on Pinterest...the reseach images became a bit more LGBT ?... (something I totally didn't expect... but I kind of want to explore more...)

- I printed some images and made some colleges and tried to make some thread collages? 

- will explore more on color and the uniform-ish signature green man coat.


16 February 2018

Went to Tate modern for some inspiration (mainly just curious If I can find something that is included writing elements rather than just contemporary paintings... 

found an artist;

 John Miró's (A Star Caresses the Breast of a Negress (Painting Poem)

- the first impression. (maybe it was in a room with a lot of surrealism or other similar movements paintings with a lot of paintings, color and (bullshit) elements going on... This painting stands out a lot... for me.

(The reasons why I like this work)

- Written erotic poem. with John Miro's handwriting, I feel when artists bring their handwriting into their work. it became more personal, (because everyone's handwriting is unique. just made the painting more personal...)

- only four colors in this painting (black, red, yellow and white.) (with simple geometric shapes.)

(research about this paintings background)

- The two touching triangles symbolized the Miró’s language of signs of women

- The bulbous outline with hairs, according to my research, is his usual sign for the female sex? (WTF)

- The star appears only as a word, but the ladder alludes to the desire to reach for the stars.

- This exemplifies Miró’s ability to combine simple imagery with ancient symbolism and make contact with deeply held instincts. - Tate Modern

10 February 2018

by my own unique handwriting to this unit 7 project concept.

Want to start to experiment my handwriting with projection technique(possibly will develop into print samples first.)

did research how different artist develops their concept in writing. (Zhang Huan’s family tree and John Baldessari’s I will not make any more boring art)

Will do more research on this two artist in the library and develop more. 

what can I do with handwriting (2D) into 3D? (possibly will use and do more research on architecture techniques I’ve learned before.